10 Days Left!

Gather your Gillies. Smooth your sashes. Prepare your kilt pins.

The New Year’s ball is just a few short days away. Be sure to register in advance to let us know you’re coming. Or just show up ready to dance and you can pay at the door.

We’ll see you on January 21 at the Baker Center in St. Charles!

One thought on “10 Days Left!

  1. Nancy McClements

    I’m a little confused… is there a different price for the ball if you pay when you arrive vs. by using the registration form? The only thing on the registration form that indicates a different price is the full weekend if paid by Jan 7. and this posting was listed on Jan 11 ” Be sure to register in advance for the best price. ” Mixed up in Madison 🙂 – Nancy
    p.s. people have also been asking about the time/location of a walkthrough, has that been decided?


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