It’s Time to Renew

This is the time when we’d normally be signing up for Branch memberships and working on dances for the Fall Dance and New Years Ball. But this is a far from normal year. Your COM is working on ideas to keep dancers engaged and keeping up-to-date on the situation so we can return to dancing once it is safe to do so.

One decision the COM made is to offer two levels of subscription this year: an RSCDS-only level that is what the Branch pays to HQ for your subscription and a Branch level that is the normal subscription covering the HQ subscription and Branch activities. While we would love for all to subscribe at the Branch level, we understand people may not feel able to do so and we want to offer an option for dancers to remain registered with the RSCDS. Headquarters in Edinburgh continues to offer regular online dance classes with teachers from around the world, as well as music programs and newsletters, to encourage your staying engaged with dancing and help you to keep up your dance knowledge for when we are again able to dance together.

The new membership form is available on the membership tab. Also, we are working on offering the ability to subscribe through PayPal, so if that is your preference, check back here over the next few days for when that is available on the membership tab.

The COM would love to hear from the membership with any ideas you have about how to think about dancing while we are unable to meet in person, so feel free to email with any thoughts you have.