The Dancing Gymnast

32-bar Jig for 3 Couples

1-41st couple cross giving right hands and cast off one place (2nd couple step up on bars 3-4).
5-81st woman with 3rd couple and 1st man with 2nd couple dance right-hands across once around. 1st couple finish on a diagonal between 2nd corners with left hands joined.
9-161st couple set, turn with left hands to face out opposite sides of the set, cast off around 3rd couple, and dance up to 2nd place with nearer hands joined, finish-ing back to back facing opposite sides.
17-24All 3 couples dance double triangles. In the last 2 bars, 1st couple turn right about to face 2nd corners, 1st man between 2nd couple and 1st woman between 3rd couple.
25-30Reels of 3 across the dance, 1st man with 2nd couple and 1st woman with 3rd couple, beginning with 1st couple passing right shoulders with their 2nd cor-ners. 1st couple finish in second place on own sides.
31-32Taking hands on the sides, all 3 couples set.
Repeat having passed a couple.

Suggested music: “Vermont Highlander’s Jig” on Tullochgorum, Gie Us Tollochgorum. Cabbage 417.

Dedicated to Suzie Kinsman in partial celebration of her earning the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Devised by Kent Smith, January 1993 (revised April 1993, December 1994, May 1998).

© Copyright 1993, 1994 by Kent W. Smith. All rights reserved.

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