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by email: – Chicago Branch Committee of Management (CoM) and Chicago Scottish Dance News and Events

5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. john f MacIntyre

    Ms. McClements-
    Just wanted to contact you to see if there just might be a Ceilidh sometime during the upcoming New Years (2019) anywhere in the Chicago area 🙂

    John MacIntyre (Son of a Carpenter)


  2. john f MacIntyre

    One more thing- can anyone attend the New Year’s Ball on the 17th? I am hoping for something on New Year’s Eve but some of my friends (sorry- Not Scottish) would enjoy the New Year’s Ball You mentioned 🙂


  3. Peter Marshall

    Hello. Many years ago friends from one of our groups in Cheshire, England,danced “Yoshi’s Farewell” from your Chicago 10th Anniversary collection. I have been asked to teach it, but have not got the instructions. Do you have any copies of your 10th Anniversary book, please? If so, could I purchase one? Alternatively, do you know where I could get the instructions, please? Thank you so much, Peter Marshall. (please make sure there is an s between peter and marshall in my email address, or the email doesn’t come to me.)


  4. Dawn Miller

    Dawn Miller, VP, Chicago Scots.
    Thank you for congratulating Gus Noble, president, Chicago Scots & Caledonia Senior Living and Memory Care on being named the 2021 recipient of the National Tartan Day Award for his continued leadership at our elder care community during COVID-19. We appreciate having your vote of confidence and wish the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Chicago branch, my continued success.


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