2016 Tea Dance Program

New Year’s Tea Dance 2016 Instructions

Gloria’s Wee Jig 32J2 The Devil’s Quandary (B. McMurtry)
The Whistling Wind 32R3 36 #5 (E. Goosen)
Midsummer Common 32S3 49 #3 (Ibbotson & Ibbotson)
The Clansman 32R2 32 #8 (D. Haynes)
Balquidder Strathspey 32S3 24 #2
Scottish Reform 32J2 3 #1
The Music Makars 32R3 33 #1 (R. Goldring)
Burns Night 32J2 Celebrate 50 Years with the Boston Branch (R. McOwen)
Bob Campbell 32S3 Canadian Book (J. Drewry)
Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloich 32R3 Leaflets 1973 (Publications Committee)
Gramachie 32S3 MMM I
It’s Not Rocket Science (danced as a reel) 32R3 Delaware Valley Silver (Mellott & Reiner)