Special Events


SAGM and Fall Dance 2018

Saturday November 10, 2018

at the Fermilab Barn

The SAGM will start at 5:30 pm.  The main purpose of this meeting is to approve the treasurer’s report for the previous year.  We will also be presenting some proposed changes to the Branch Constitution and By-laws for people to vote on.  You must be a member of the Branch (registration forms are available on the member page) to vote, but all are welcome to attend the meeting and dance.

After the SAGM we will have a potluck dinner starting around 6:30.  Please bring food to share.

Dancing will begin around 7:30.

There is no fee for this event, but donations to cover costs are welcome.

Detailed Dance Instructions

Fall Dance Crib 2018

Fall Dance Program

The Machine without Horses 32J3 12 #12
Inveraray 32S3 MMM I
Knights’ Heys 32H3 Seven Year Itch (T. Glasspool)
Les Remparts de Seville 32J3 50 #2 (A. Latour)
Sugar Candie 32S3 26 #9
The Flowers of Edinburgh 32R3 1 #6
Bratach Bana 32R3 Bon Accord (J. Drewry)
Farewell to Balfour Road 32J5 (Set) (Canon) 52 #7
Triple Happiness 32S3 (Set) 52 #10 (Y. Oyama)
Tribute to the Borders 32J3 RSCDS Leaflet #11 (R. Goldring)
Cauld Kail 32M3 9 #11
Xtra Xtra (Reel All About It) 32R3 Ft. Worden XX #6 (D. Burt)

Save the Date!

Chicago New Year’s Ball 2019

January 19-20, 2019

at the Baker Community Center, St Charles, IL

music by Tim Macdonald (fiddle) and Jeremy Ward (violone)

more information will appear here this Fall

Midwest Scottish Weekend Workshop 2019

June 9-11, 2019 at Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, WI.

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