Special Events

2019 SAGM and Fall Dance

Sunday, November 24, 2019

at the Fermilab Barn

SAGM starts at 1:30 PM; dancing will begin after the meeting: 2:30 – 3:00 PM

Please bring snacks to share at the break.

Fall Dance Program

Light and Airy 32J3 4 #5
Longer Days 32R3 (set) Leaflet (S. McKinnell)
The Silver Tassie 32S3 Bon Accord (J. Drewry)
Four Daughters 32J4 (set) Leaflet (S. McKinnell)
Delvine Side 32S3 2 #9
Sleepy Maggie 32R3 11 #5
Grandpa Squeezebox 32J3 Leaflet (S. McKinnell)
Ezekiel’s Wheel 88R4 (square) Baton Rouge SCD (J. Mungall)
No L’s Strathspey 32S3 Chicago 25th (C. Snowdon)
Scottish Reform 32J2 3 #1
An Autumn Posy 32S2 Island Bay Collection (R. Butterfield)
Da Rain Dancin’ 32R3 Whiteadder Collection (R. Wallace)

Fall Dance 2019 Instructions

Chicago 40th Anniversary New Year’s Ball

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Tea/Brunch Dance

Sunday, January 19, 2020

at the Baker Community Center, St Charles, IL

music by Tim Macdonald (fiddle), Colyn Fischer (fiddle), Jeremy Ward (cello), and Dave Wiesler (piano)

This is a very special ball for us as we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. We are planning a buffet dinner prior to the ball.  Look here for more information soon.

We have chosen to make the ball program about our Branch and Branch friends as we lost several Branch members and friends this year. Many dances are written by former and/or current members of the Branch.

New Years Ball Dance Program

Hello Neighbor * 32J3 Chicago 25th (D. Jensen)
Fortieth Anniversary 32R5 (set) Leaflet
An Autumn Posy 32S2 Island Bay Collection (R. Butterfield)
Chronology # 32J3 The Road to Stow (G. Trinkhaus-Randall)
The Quaich 32S3 Rondel Book (J. Drewry)
Mrs MacLeod 32R3 6 #11
Lady June Gordon * 32J3 Chicago 10th (W. Moorhead)
Muirland Briggses # 32M3 Leaflet (C. Snowdon)
Spiffin’ * 32J5 (Square) Chicago 25th
The Flowers of Edinburgh 32R3 1 #6
Adieu Mon Ami 32S3 24 #11
The Loch Michigan Rant * 40R3 Chicago 10th (M. Mulligan)
Joie de Vivre 32J3 39 #2 (I. Van Maarseveen)
Aging Gracefully * 32S3 47#4 (C. Bromann)
Corinne’s Caper * # 32H3 Leaflet (S. McKinnell)
A Welcome in Oak Park * 32S2 Chicago 10th (K. Smith)
The Wild Geese 32J3 24 #3
Mairi’s Wedding 40R3 22 SCD (J. Cosh)

* = written by former or current member(s) of the Chicago Branch
# = in memory of Branch member or Branch friend

Chicago New Years Ball 2020 Instructions

Midwest Scottish Weekend Workshop 2020

June 12-14, 2020,  at Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, WI

music by Laura Risk and Nicholas Williams and TBA

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